THE GALAXY Incense Sticks 20PCs in Hexagonal Box, India Handmade for meditating Prayer(HI-THE-GALAXY)

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*Unit price for 20 incense sticks in a small HEXAGONAL Box.

Origin: Handmade in India

Weight: ~20g

Content: 20 Sticks/hexagonal box

Length: ~22.5cm (8.5inch)

Burn time: ~30-45mins,and the remaining scent can last about 30 to 45 minutes.

Applications: Suitable for meditation, refreshing, purifying space, and even repelling mosquitoes and insects.

The utility and characteristics of various incense sticks:


‧ Seven African troops unite to fight against voodoo.

‧ They represent the seven saints worshipped religiously by Yoruba descendants.

‧ The seven saints also represent love, money, happiness, health, protection, strength and success.

‧ It has the taste of nature, with a musky fragrance, and the aroma is very subtle.


‧ Helps relieve mental stress.

‧ Air purification, detoxification and insecticide, and decomposition of harmful toxins.

‧ Nourishes the body and strengthens the body's immunity.


‧ Black Magic incense is meant to protect you from bad external influences.

‧ It helps diverge negative energy in the form of curses.

‧ It consists of wood tones, resin and is very spicy, almost exotic.

‧ It strengthens communication between people and guides.


‧ Breaks All incense has a very spicy aroma

‧ that is sure to break all jinxes and hexes that may be holding you back

‧ and not allowing to make the changes you need that will open the doorway to success.


‧ This incense is specially formulated for cleaning your chakras, swipe away any negative energy.

‧ It helps clear any blockages and let energy flow freely again.

‧ This fragrance can be described as sweet and floral.


‧ Divine power incense spreads a sweet fruity fragrance, which has something magical.

‧ Because this aroma strengthens the positive energy in the mind, it’s often used during therapeutic treatments and energetic healing sessions.

‧ She gives access to the power from your pure soul to be able to cure others.


‧ Diwali (deepavali) is the festival of lights of the Hindus.

‧ During diwali the victory of good over evil is celebrated just as the victory of light over darkness.

‧ Everyone's house is thoroughly cleaned and filled with many lights and delicious incense.

‧ This sweet, warm fragrance gives the feeling of a diwali celebration and enriches the atmosphere at home.


‧ Kool water incense have positive effects on mood, physical and cognitive performance.

‧ This fragrance offers ultimate state of tranquillity just like a soothing touch of cold water.


‧ Mukhalat of Emarits is a bold and elegant scent of musk and roses.

‧ A fragrance full of musk, but also gives the impression of being thick like molasses


‧ Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in Indian religions.

‧ It signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness or Atman.

‧ It is a syllable that is chanted either independently or before a spiritual recitation in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

‧ Burn this incense to find your inner peace.


‧ Pagan Magic Hem Incense has a sweet, subtle scent

‧ Perfect for relaxation, meditation and to enhance ritual and spell work.


‧ This incense is composed in all respects to accompany and guide during deep meditations.

‧ An excellent classic; floral scent for anyone who has decided to enrich his spiritual life with attention and time.

‧ Both for beginners and advanced this is a very pleasant smell experience.


‧ Burn this incense to unlock your powers and clear any blockage.

‧ Perfect to use when you feel stuck in life, when you face a barrier to a difficult situation and they need to have an obstacle removed.

‧ Visualise a locked door is opening up in front of you when you’re meditating with this incense.

‧ This incense has a gentle honeysuckle fragrance.


‧ Looking for a scent that will take you out of this world then this is the scent for you.

‧ The Galaxy Incense has a unique scent.

‧ There are hints of both Sandalwood and Rose but the underlying fragrance is a mystery.


‧ An earthy scent that connects you deeply to Mother Earth.

‧ The Planet Incense can assist you with grounding, balancing, and cleansing.

‧ Taking moments to nurture yourself allows you to fill your cup, also take a conscious moment to nurture Mother Earth, being conscious of our actions and activities towards this planet.


‧ This incense has an exotic soft scent.

‧ It helps you grow spiritually, and experience the serene atmosphere between the stars.

‧ Enjoy your spiritual journey among the stars.


-- All handmade, the products may be different, for example, the wood of the incense board may have different textures or slight flaws.

-- The weight varies due to dry or wet weather, and some incense sticks placed by weight are inconsistent. Please pay attention.

-- Please keep the incense stick away from children and pets. Can not be taken internally.

-- Please burn the incense stick with a suitable incense tool in the air circulation.

-- Don't burn incense sticks without care.

-- If someone in the family is pregnant, has a special physical condition, or has children, please consult a doctor before use.


This shop is for informative purposes only and its content should not be considered professional advice. While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy it is no replacement for the attention of a dedicated professional.

【Reasons you should buy Hem Incense】

‧ It refreshes your heart, mind and soul

‧ It purifies the surroundings and makes it pleasant

‧ It gives a moment of peaceful feeling in your busy life

‧ It calms and soothes your mind

‧ It is loved by one and all

‧ It helps in meditation

‧ You get a sense of sacredness and sanctity while praying

‧ Brings peace and tranquility at home

‧ It helps to relax your nerves and gives you a good sleep

‧ Can use everyday, it does no harm

【About HEM】

Hem Incense Sticks are traditionally hand-rolled in India according to ancient traditions with pure and natural ingredients, including herbs, wood gums, Honey, Resins, Flowers, Pure Sandalwood Powder, and essential oils is famous for its fine quality and superior performance. It can be used for aromatherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Soothing, Prayer and Romance.

The aroma that spreads in the air heals the mind, body, and soul. Not only this, scents from incense sticks and cones help to relax, reduce mental worries and speed up concentration. A positive atmosphere aids in reducing depression and headaches. Majorly, aromatic incense sticks are preferred to perform.
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