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Leecat Ho

As a well-known MV director in Hong Kong, Leecat used to be a TV producer and lecturer before starting his own studio producing videography, photography, animations, choreography and music. His works have been shortlisted in many international competitions and showcased in film festivals such as Short Film Corner of Cannes Film Festival and DigiCon6 in Japan.


  1. What does your profession mean to you?
  2. Life is short, and nothing can left over but creations. I hope my works can impress more others and bring impacts to them.

  3. What is your fashion style?
  4. I like dress in a casual way but I am also opt for British and smart casual style when in special occasions.

  5. Words to the Hong Kong youth.
  6. Possibilities are out there! The key thing is to find out what you really have passion for, and enjoy it!