Ant Bank Time-Limited Offer

Customer who successfully opens Libra Savings account and complete Ant Bank PayLater pre-registration during promotion period can enjoy:
Reward 1
Interest Rate up to 8.88%1
1T&Cs and brand exclusions apply.
Reward 2
Ant Bank PayLater Welcome Reward1
Welcome Reward up to HK$1001 upon successful application and acceptance of Ant Bank PayLater
1T&Cs and brand exclusions apply.
Reward 3
Ant Bank Zalora Gift Card Reward2
Enter Zalora exclusive account opening code 「ZALORA」when open an Ant Bank Libra Savings account to enjoy extra HK$50 Zalora Gift Card
2T&Cs and brand exclusions apply.
Reward 4
Ant Bank Zalora Shopping Offer3
15% off when paying via AlipayHK, min.spend HK$400
Enter code at checkout: ANT2022
(Cannot apply together with other ZALORA Voucher Codes. Discount is up to HK$150,
each eligible customer can enjoy the offer at a maximum of 3 times.)
3T&Cs and brand exclusions apply.
For promotion details, please refer to

How to earn the rewards:
This is a credit product provided by Ant Bank (Hong Kong). To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!


These Terms and Conditions of Libra Savings Account Opening Zalora Special Offer (these “Promotion Terms”) for Libra Savings Account Opening Offer (the “Promotion”) shall be read in conjunction with all other documents forming part of the Client Documentation of Ant Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank” or “Ant Bank”). Unless the context requires otherwise, terms defined in the Libra Savings Services Agreement shall have the same meaning in these Promotion Terms. If there is any conflict between these Promotion Terms and the Libra Savings Services Agreement, these Promotion Terms shall prevail.

  • The Promotion runs from 19 September 2022 to 31 October 2022, both dates inclusive (the “Promotion Period”).
  • All gift cards derived from this Promotion are collectively referred to as “Gift Cards” and all rewards derived under this Promotion are collectively referred to as “Rewards”.
  • The Promotion is available to Zalora’s customers who have successfully opened a Libra Savings Account during the Promotion Period(“Eligible Users”). To be eligible to participate in the Promotion, each Eligible User must:
    i. have never opened or held a bank account with Ant Bank;
    ii. enter Zalora exclusive account opening code 「ZALORA」when opening Libra Savings account;
    iii. successfully apply and activate a Libra Savings Account with Ant Bank Mini App in AlipayHK App and link with the AlipayHK App for the first time; and
    iv. complete Ant Bank PayLater pre-registration within 7 days (inclusive of Account Opening Date) of the date on which you are notified by the Bank that the HKD Savings Account has been successfully opened (“Account Opening Date”).
  • During the Promotion Period, each Eligible User who meets the requirements under Clause 3 can receive an extra HK$50 Zalora exclusive Gift Card. Each Eligible User is entitled to the Gift Card once only. Eligible Users can use the Gift Card once the Libra Savings account opening has been successfully approved and the Gift Card has been disbursed in accordance with Clause 11.
  • Each Gift Card is valid till 31 December 2022 and is only applicable at or ZALORA mobile app. The details and use of the Gift Cards shall be subject to relevant terms & conditions published by Zalora.
  • For the purpose of this Promotion, in order to complete the Ant Bank PayLater pre-registration, you are required to fulfill the following criteria:
    i. you:
    • a. are a Hong Kong resident with a valid Hong Kong identity card;
    • b. are aged between 18 (inclusive) and 70 (exclusive); and
    • c. maintain a HKD savings account or a Libra Savings Account with us.
    ii. Your registered email address is required for the purpose of the pre- registration.
  • The Bank will send you a confirmation email regarding your successful pre- registration of Ant Bank PayLater after the pre-registration is successfully completed.
  • When Ant Bank PayLater is available for application, the Bank will send an invitation email to you via the registered email address. Upon receiving that invitation email, you can apply for Ant Bank PayLater according to the instructions provided in the invitation email and subject to the terms and conditions of Ant Bank PayLater.
  • This Promotion makes no representations of the final launch date of Ant Bank PayLater, which is subject to the Bank’s sole discretion.
  • The application of Ant Bank PayLater is solely subject to the Bank’s approval. The successful pre-registration during the Promotion Period does not guarantee any final approval of Ant Bank PayLater.
  • Ant Bank will send the Gift Card by SMS/email to Eligible Users within one month of the date on which the Ant Bank PayLater pre-registration is successfully completed.
  • The Promotion has a limited participation quotas and is available on a first-come- first-served basis. The Bank’s records shall prevail under any circumstances.
  • If there is any breach of these Promotion Terms, ineligibility to participate in the Promotion, your Account(s) being seized, frozen or unusable for any reason (whether initiated by the Bank or by yourself), incorrect information submitted or illegal, fraudulent or abusive behavior during the participation in the Promotion, the Bank will forfeit your eligibility and entitlement of Gift Cards/Rewards forthwith without notice, and the Bank reserves the right to cancel such transaction and/or to take legal action against the relevant user.
  • The Bank makes no representations or warranties as to the reliability, availability or suitability of the Promotion. To the maximum extent permissible under Applicable Laws, the Bank shall not be responsible for any Loss or damage whatsoever you may incur directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with your participation of the Promotion.
  • The Bank reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate the Promotion or amend these Promotion Terms at its sole discretion without prior notice. The Bank shall not be liable for any such change, suspension or termination and reserves the right of final decision of all the matters and disputes.
  • In case there is any suspicious abuse, misuse or fraud, Ant Bank reserves the absolute right to forfeit the Eligible User’s entitlement of the Rewards.
  • The Bank will carry out this Promotion in accordance with applicable laws of Hong Kong. In the event this Promotion is stopped pursuant to an order or request from any court of competent jurisdiction, any regulatory authority or any government agency or is suspended as a result of a server network attack, system failure or any other circumstances beyond the Bank’s reasonable control, such event shall be regarded as an Event of Force Majeure, and the Bank shall not be liable for any damage, loss or dispute arising from the suspension or termination of the Promotion.
  • For any enquiries on the Promotion, Libra Savings, Ant Bank mobile app, Ant Bank mini app and any of the Bank’s services or offers, please call the Bank’s customer service hotline at (852) 2325 0303.
  • These Promotion Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.
  • Should there be any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English and the Chinese versions of these Promotion Terms, the English version shall prevail.
  • All the terms and conditions of the Promotion (including but not limited to the amount and other features) are subject to the Bank’s sole discretion. The Bank reserves the final right to determine whether to grant the Rewards to the Eligible Customer’s account.


How to use ZALORA Gift Card:
  • Log in to
  • Select My Account > My Wallet
  • Enter your unique Gift Card code under Store Credit
  • The value in the Gift Card will appear in My Wallet and you may start shopping!
Terms & Conditions:
  • Validity of gift card ends 31/12/2022
  • Gift card code is applicable only at or ZALORA mobile app
  • The Gift Card can be used in multiple transactions and the cash value will be deducted accordingly for every purchase.
  • All Gift Cards are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash either.
  • Products purchased using an E-Gift Card are not refundable in cash but only store credit.
  • Other return policies apply. For more information, contact customer service at
  • ZALORA reserves the right to amend/cancel the promotion at any time.
  • The Terms of Service set out at shall apply to all uses of the Gift Card.


  • The Promo code is valid from 1 Sep - 31 Dec 2022.
  • Max. discount cap HK$150; Max. 3-time usage per user.
  • Customers must settle the payment with AlipayHK to enjoy the offer.
  • The Promo Codes may not be used in conjunction with any other Promo Code.
  • The Promo Code may be used on the ZALORA Hong Kong Website ( or mobile app, and must be entered upon checkout to be effective.
  • The Promo Code does not apply to certain excluded brands and items sold by sellers as set out at
  • The Terms of Service set out at shall apply to all uses of the Promo Code.
  • ZALORA reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions or to cancel the Promo Code at any time.