Levi's Jeans: A True Pioneer In Its Own Right

When it comes to the denim, there is one name that is constantly mentioned at the forefront of creating quality jeans. Established in 1853, Levi’s is the brand that people go to for quality and style. Even so, their signature 501 jeans were not created until almost 20 years later after the establishment of the company, in 1872. Developed and patented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, they had aimed to create jeans that were strong and durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor work back in the day. Thus, the signature 501 blue jeans (initially styled as the XX) were born. Their confidence in the quality and strength of their jeans is evident in the Levi’s logo as well, where it depicts a scene of two horses on each side of the jeans, trying to pull them apart.

Levi's: It's More Than Just Jeans

Famed all over the world for their signature blue denim, people often neglect to mention that the brand has a successful chain of quality apparel as well aside from selling just jeans. From printed t-shirts and smart shirts for men to dresses and skirts for women, the range of apparel that Levi’s offers extends to far more than just its signature jeans today. Best known for their casual and trendy looks, you will find quality apparel here at Levi’s that is perfect for all your stylishly laid back events. Put together your best look, and be ready to party away! With their designs grounded in varying styles and shades of blue, look your best in the signature looks that the brand has to offer.

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