Advertising Media
Choose from a selection of strong and diverse ZALORA advertising media. It is important that you
choose a banner that fits your target audience. For example, a banner for women's shoes will only
achieve minor success on a website frequently visited by men.
Besides, the selection of an appropriate banner, size and location are also considerable factors.
Choose a format that directly attracts people and display it in a clearly visible position on your
Use short, distinctive text links that encourage your users to click and spark their interest in buying.
Here are a few examples:
- Buy shoes at!
- Discover the new Korean Selection – here!
- Order at ZALORA - with free shipping!
How do I create an individual text link?
You want to quickly and easily implement your own ideas for links and text links? Then use the text
link generator, which can be found in the promotional tools section. You are able to link to brands,
categories and individual products on the ZALORA shop! The visitors of your website then land
directly on the specified page. Remember: The more concrete the offer, the more interesting it is for the users.
Product Data
If you want to use specific product information in addition to brands, categories and the homepage,
then you can use our comprehensive product data feed. The integration is simple and promises a
high level of customer response.
Integrate our extensive product information and arise the customer’s interest in buying by providing
detailed product information. Take advantage of the additional columns provided with product
characteristics such as material, color, heel height, sizes, etc., which are available for a
comprehensive product presentation.
The display of our free shipping and free return policy has a strong sales effect and is an additional
click incentive for users.
If you are in need of special banners, other promotional materials or unique content for your
individual website please do contact us: