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Jamie Wong

An award-winning cyclist whom were often described as “Heroine” by local media. Jamie won a lot of international games for Hong Kong. She championed in the 2007–08 Track Cycling World Cup in Copenhagen as the first Asian female athlete who gained this award. Because of her outstanding athlete spirit, she was granted the Chief Executive's Commendation for Community Service and Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards.


  1. What does your profession mean to you?
  2. I found myself fulfilled when cycling became my dream and goal. It rendered me with self-confidence and glory.

  3. What is your fashion style?
  4. I prefer casual sporty in my daily life. Heels are really not a regular pick for athletes like me, so active wear fits my needs.

  5. Words to the Hong Kong youth.
  6. Walk out of your comfort zone and fear not to fail. You will never know what you can get before attempts.